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A religious (expat) experience

NS September 5th, 2010

Noble Girl starts at school tomorrow and I’m on high alert for a client’s imminent birth, leaving me with little time to blog. But if you’ve been waiting for the day when I would share my views on religion in the UK as compared to the US, you need look no further than my guest post at Pond Parleys, the brainchild of Toni from Expat Mum.


Fuck You Friday: World leader edition

NS March 26th, 2010

Fuck you, oh pointy-hatted one, for covering up the abuse of hundreds of boys (and cod knows what else) for the past several decades, in the name of your bigoted, small-minded, patriarchal institution of power-hungry lie-spreading based on ancient (if not totally make-believe) stories.

Fuck you, Barack Obama, for throwing American women under the health care reform bus. I’m sure that since you’re the one driving the bus you didn’t even notice as you rolled right over us, but believe me; we’re being crushed by the weight of your cowardly decision and the poorest and most vulnerable of us will pay the heaviest price. Champion of the people, my ass. You ‘did what you had to do’ but it was to acquiesce to those hateful, spiteful bullies that convinced you that restricting women’s access to a perfectly legal procedure in an acceptable and merely ‘unfortunate’ side effect of The Bigger Picture. Well guess what, Pres? It doesn’t get any Bigger Picture for us than the right to control our motherfucking bodies and decide when and if we will grow, bear, raise and be responsible for y’all menfolk’s babies. Seriously, fuck you for that. You completely ruined the little joy I may have gotten from the watered-down, pansy-ass bill and what it might mean for my family and friends currently residing in the USofA. You just convinced me to stay here in merry ol’ socialist England for at least another six years. In fact, where’d I put that application to become an official subject of the Queen? This week, I’d much rather my passport was red than blue.

Finally, a big fuck you to Gordon Brown for being too stubborn or stupid to see that he is likely going to lose Labour this election. Fuck you, Gordy, for making even the thought of (hypothetically) voting for David Cameron and the Conservatives cross my mind. I’ll be sending you the bill for my numerous showers and brain bleaching. Fucking douchebag.