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NS August 26th, 2010

Summer draws to a close

Perhaps my introspective period too?

Words don’t flow from me but to me

Books upon books upon books

Words of others, my need

Words of mine, few

Too busy absorbing

like a sponge

The knowledge and the beauty

The wisdom and the love

The skill and the art

of living in the moment

Absorbing words

Absorbing life

Absorbing her before she goes

off to school

No longer my baby

But a girl in uniform

Headed into the brightness

of her future

Destined to absorb

like a sponge

All of the words

that made her mama who she is

Absorbing her smell, her cuddles, her touch

Like a sponge, I soak her up

take her into my pores

The line between mother and child

blurred once more

Noble Girl’s world

NS May 13th, 2010

Every so often, I’m going to post pictures and video that Noble Girl has taken with my iPhone, as she frequently does, because sometimes they are really good and/or fascinating or funny. Here are three she took a couple weeks ago at my inlaws’ house.

Play kitchen

Mama's drink

Grandma's hands

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