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I can haz a MAD Award?

NS April 5th, 2010

My lovely friend Josie is part of a small group of bloggers who have put together some fantastic awards for sites written by UK mums and dads, aptly called the MADS. Now, I’ve never won an award for anything in my adult life, least of all for my writing, so I was surprised at how nice it felt to learn I’d been nominated in three categories: MAD Blogger of the Year (“For the blog that has most amazed and entertained you over the past year”), Most Inspiring MAD Blogger (“For the blogger who inspires you with their courage, humour and insight”) and Best MAD Blog Writer (“To celebrate the blogger who deserves a place on the best-seller lists”).

As lovely as it was to be nominated, I was a bit embarrassed and unsure how to react at first. I thought, “There’s no way I’m going to ask for votes and get embroiled in a competition,” but I snapped out of that pretty quickly and told myself to stop being so bloody British about it. I’m American, for god’s sake! I should be making up t-shirts, slapping bumper stickers on my car and throwing a ticker-tape parade in my own honour. Maybe I could even get hats for my family to wear that say, ‘My mama got nominated for three blog awards. Your mama can SUCK IT.’ I’m sure it’d go down a treat at the pre-school gates.

Kidding aside, I am actually very flattered to have been put forward and decided that, you know what, I’m NOT going to just sit here and be all humble about it and hope that a few people throw some votes my way via osmosis. I work damn hard on this site and have been at it for five years; I’m not a real old-timer like Dooce (NOT ENOUGH USE OF CAPS FOR THAT) and I may have grown a bit cynical after having been around the bloggy block a few times, but I’m still a person. A person with feelings. A person who feels things deeply.

Um, yeah.

What I’m trying to awkwardly say is that if you like what I have to say and/or think I’m a competent writer, I’d be honoured and grateful if you wanted to vote for me here, in any of the three categories I’ve already been nominated in. You can also get to the nomination page by clicking on the MADS badge in my sidebar.

The winner of the Blogger of the Year award gets a new iPhone, laptop and digital camcorder. I could use the latter two items desperately but since I already have an iPhone I would probably give it away in a contest held on this here blog, for my dear, sweet readers. Just sayin’.

All right, I think that’s it. I’ll go eat a big slice of humble pie now.