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United in apathy

NS September 19th, 2010

Yesterday Noble Husband and I sat on a bench together, watching with bemused smiles as our daughter stripped down to her knickers and submerged herself into a large bucket of water in the children’s park we were in for NB’s 2nd birthday celebration. She and another girl, both in only their underwear, had a grand time getting completely soaked and then rolling around in the sand adjacent to the water play area. At one point NG was writhing on the sand, laughing hysterically and making what can only be described as maniacal monkey sounds.

I looked at NH and asked, “Should I go get her to stop or at least put her clothes back on?”

He replied, “Nah. She’s having a good time. I can’t be bothered. Can you?”


We ‘clinked’ the paper coffee cups we were each holding and exchanged wry glances.

“This idle parenting stuff is great, isn’t it?”

“It really is.”