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Run, fat girl, run

NS January 4th, 2011

So one of my biggest goals for 2011 is to lose the metric shit-tonne of weight (nearly 2 stone) I’ve put on since I had my son two years ago. I’m not going on some crazy fad diet, but I have signed up for Weight Watchers (online version only, I can’t abide those horrid public weigh-ins) and am determined to take running up again. Considering I was running 3 times a week, often before 6am, and completed a 5k just a few months ago, it’s a bit crap that I completely fell off the wagon as soon as I crossed that finish line. My mind was like, ‘Hey, you did it! Now you can reward yourself by stopping exercise altogether and stuffing your face with congratulatory cakes.’

Yeah, so that didn’t work out too well for me.

As I was telling a runner friend of mine about my new goals and how I’d signed up for a 10k race in April to keep myself motivated, she convinced me to add more mini-goals throughout the year. After a few drinks, she had me signed up for a 5k in February, the 10k in April, a 5k in July and then a duathlon in September (5k run, 20k bike ride, 3k run).

I don’t know whether to thank her or make a voodoo doll with her name on it.

Regardless, I am on board and training begins tomorrow.

Pray for me.