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My DNA done proud

NS August 29th, 2010

Noble Girl’s friend was at our house the other day when ┬áhe picked up a small finger puppet from our toy box. The puppet looks like a black top hat and inside is a white rabbit. When you push your finger inside, up pops the rabbit to complete the ‘magic trick’.

NG’s friend to her: “Hey, guess what’s in this hat!”

NG: “A rabbit.”

NG’s friend: “No, you have to pretend you don’t know. Guess again!”

NG: “A rabbit.”

NG’s friend: “No, pretend. Pretend you don’t know what’s inside.”

NG: “It’s a rabbit.”

NG’s friend, getting a bit upset: “I want to do this magic trick. Now ask me what’s inside the hat properly, please!”

NG, after seeing me silently urging her to comply, looks bored and sighs: “Okay then. What’s inside the hat??”

NG’s friend: “It’s a rabbit!”

NG, completely monotone and unimpressed: “Wow, that’s amazing. I had no idea.”

So cynicism is hereditary. I’m so proud.