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Ssh! Don’t tell my husband

NS September 16th, 2010

After making dinner four nights in a row (a rarity in this house, where Noble Husband prepares 90 per cent of our meals), I seem to have caught the cooking bug. This afternoon I rather joyfully carved up the leftover roast chicken (which was excellent as Tuesday night’s dinner, I must say) and then saved the carcass so I can make stock tomorrow. After that I baked corn bread. I also found myself looking at recipes that I remember drooling over on some of my favourite blogs and excitedly looking forward to trying my hand at a couple this weekend.

I doubt I’ll become Martha/Delia/Nigella/Julia any time soon, but the thought of producing gorgeous, tasty food from fresh ingredients and recipes that I find myself, not rely on NH for, is becoming more and more appealing. I’d like to start making more vegetarian fare and if I’m in control of the kitchen, that’s just what will happen. I’m sure NH is cringing at the thought but he’ll get over it soon enough, especially when what I put in front of him is delicious, healthy¬†and ethical.

Hang on to your hats, family! Mama might just buy an apron this weekend. Now to find out where we keep the saucepans and cookery-type implements…

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