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Ahhh. We needed that.

NS February 7th, 2010

What is it about hotels, B&Bs, inns, and other places that aren’t your own home? The moment TNH and I step foot into one without the children (a very rare occurrence, mind you, but it was our tenth wedding anniversary on Friday), it’s like we’re a completely different couple. No bickering, no responsibilities; plenty of talking, connecting and laughing (and other more physical pursuits — ahem); strolling arm-in-arm around town at our own pace and with our own agenda; the promise of an uninterrupted night together and sleeping as late as we want in the morning…it’s magical.

When we checked in we were the weary, busy parents of two children under four. When we checked out the following morning, we were us again. I remembered all of the things about him I fell in love with and he the same for me. One night to bring us back into each other’s arms and hearts was all it took. The best money we ever spent.┬áNow to just remind ourselves to make those nights away together, just the two of us, less rare.

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