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Funky Friday: a giveaway!

NS March 26th, 2010

I promised you a shouty, curse-filled post about various world leaders who are pissing me off and it is coming, in the form of a Fuck You Friday (inspired by Feministing), but before that I’d like to do something a little lighter.

So stop the presses, hold your horses and pick your jaws up off the floor because I am holding a contest and giveaway. ‘Noble Savage, selling out to a PR firm?!’ I hear you ask incredulously? No, not quite. Because what I’m giving away wasn’t given to me, it is something I bought myself. However, I just so happened to accidentally order two of the exact same item and so a lucky reader can benefit from my mistake. You too could be the proud owner of this lovely product:

Just kidding.

Really, you could be the owner of this:

Old school, vintage Sesame Street (select episodes from 1974-79) on DVD, complete with the polyester-and-bellbottom-wearing and wonderfully ethnically diverse cast. If you feel that puppets, plaid trousers and songs about rainbows are lacking in your life, this could be just the fix. I put it on when CBeebies is sucking my brain out through my ears and I freakin’ love it. [Note: it has been opened because I didn't realise my mistake straight away so it's not in perfect condition but pretty darn close]

So, to win this fabulous prize all you need to do is submit a photo of yourself in the 70s or in a 70s-style getup in a subsequent decade. The more hideous the better. Failing that, a post about why you love Sesame Street and would like to own this awesome collection will do. You don’t need to be a parent to enter, either — I think anyone who loves Sesame Street deserves to own this bit of nostalgia.

You can either post your entry on your own blog and link back here or send it to me by email: noblesavage (at) noblesavage (dot) com. The deadline is Monday 29th March and the winner will be announced on Tuesday 30th. This is my first contest and giveaway so please spare me the embarrassment of having no entrants and spread the word. If less than five people enter I will be forced to post videos of myself watching paint dry for two consecutive weeks, so get crackin’!