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The sick list

NS March 1st, 2011

Noble Girl woke up complaining of a tummy ache, as she had before bed last night, and had a slight temperature and no appetite so I decided to keep her home from school today. At one point she looked over at me from her place on the sofa with blankets and pillows and said, “Mummy? Can you make a list for me?”

Sure sweetie, what’s the list for?

“Things I need when I’m sick.”

So, according to a nearly-5-year-old girl, Things Children Need When They Are Sick:

  • Drink water
  • Stay warm
  • Rest
  • Mummy looking after me
  • Pillows
  • Medicine
  • Hugs
  • No Wrestling (looking at you, Noble Boy)
  • Kisses
  • Movies with family
  • Quiet time
  • Pyjamas all day
  • Big Wowie (favourite soft toy) to cuddle
  • Crackers to nibble, maybe
  • A bell for when I need things

Bacon be gone

NS January 18th, 2011

Walking home from school with Noble Girl the other day, she suddenly turned to me and asked, “Mummy, what are sausages made of?”

“Well,” I replied, “they are mostly made up of bits of animals and some other stuff too.”

“Animals? But how do animals get into sausages when they are so big and sausages are so small?

(hesitating slightly) “Well, the people who make the sausages have to chop up the meat to make it small enough to fit in.”

“They chop up the ANIMALS?! How do they do THAT?”

“They kill the animals and then chop them up once they’re dead.”

“Chop them UP?! That’s horrible! I don’t want them to kill the animals.”

“Well, that’s why some people don’t eat meat and are called vegetarians. [Insert names of people she knows] are vegetarians, you know.”

“Mummy, I don’t want the sausage people to kill the animals and chop them up into little pieces. What animals do they kill?”

“The main animals that are eaten in our culture are pigs, cows, lambs, chickens, ducks, other birds and fish.”

“But I love cows and ducks and fish!”

“I know sweetie. It’s sad, isn’t it?”

“Mummy, I’m not going to eat the animals any more. I want to be a vegeberian.”


“Yeah, that.”

“Okay, no problem at all. So no more chicken, fish or sausages. Got it. You can just eat more vegetables, fruit, pasta and cheese, stuff like that. Sound good?”

“Yep! But Mummy?”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“You’re not going to keep eating the killed, chopped up animals too, are you?”

(sighing but smiling) “No, I guess not.”

So…anyone got some good vegetarian recipes?

A whole new world

NS November 21st, 2010

Tonight, my daughter, you entered another world without me.

Right there at the dining room table, while your brother slept and your father was at work, you sat beside me, your face alight with concentration and joy, and jumped down the rabbit hole with both feet. You never got frustrated or scared or said you couldn’t do it, never sighed or tutted or acted as if your work was a chore.

You sounded out each letter, then each word, on every page in that 6-page book. You did it all by yourself, with only the tiniest prompts from me. You even stopped to comment on and empathise with the dog in the story with the wounded paw on his way to the vet. You can now READ the words ‘dog’ and ‘vet’ without help from me.

I’ll say it again because I believe they are the most wonderful words that have ever come out of my mouth: YOU CAN READ.

Though you perhaps don’t realise it yet, a whole new world so vast and magical and mind-blowing is opening up before you. Like a stone rolling down a hill or a room with endless doors, the potential within you is gathering speed, waiting to burst forth and transport you to places you could’ve never possibly dreamed of before.

And I am so proud I could burst.

One day soon, when you’ve got your nose in a book and aren’t really listening to me, when you don’t need my help at all, I will recount my life-long love affair with books, starting, as you have, with a simple story about a dog. I will try to convey to you how much comfort, knowledge and confidence I acquired through reading and how it changed me forever. I will remember all the times in my life when reading helped me, ¬†sheltered me, saved me.

Hopefully you won’t pay me any attention because you will be too busy reading.

Welcome to the rabbit hole, my darling girl. I hope you enjoy the free-fall as much as I have.

Walking with carnivores

NS September 30th, 2010

Every night this week, the four of us have piled onto the bed to watch an episode of Walking With Dinosaurs. Tonight, as we watched a dinosaur tear bloody chunks out of its freshly-killed prey and I worried that it might be too much for Noble Girl, she suddenly said: Mmm mmmmm. That looks tasty!

No salad for lunch tomorrow then, eh?

United in apathy

NS September 19th, 2010

Yesterday Noble Husband and I sat on a bench together, watching with bemused smiles as our daughter stripped down to her knickers and submerged herself into a large bucket of water in the children’s park we were in for NB’s 2nd birthday celebration. She and another girl, both in only their underwear, had a grand time getting completely soaked and then rolling around in the sand adjacent to the water play area. At one point NG was writhing on the sand, laughing hysterically and making what can only be described as maniacal monkey sounds.

I looked at NH and asked, “Should I go get her to stop or at least put her clothes back on?”

He replied, “Nah. She’s having a good time. I can’t be bothered. Can you?”


We ‘clinked’ the paper coffee cups we were each holding and exchanged wry glances.

“This idle parenting stuff is great, isn’t it?”

“It really is.”

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