The pleasures of a bank holiday Monday

NS May 27th, 2014

  • Feeling zero guilt about sitting on various soft furnishings around the house, reading all day, because it’s raining. First, the remnants of the Saturday Guardian, and then, after receipt of a parcel from Amazon, two books. Absolute bliss.
  • Listening to the Noble Boy read a stack of books next to me on the bed, and surreptitiously breathing in his puppy-dog-scented hair.
  • Going to the gym first thing in the morning and feeling smug for the rest of the day. I went to the gym! On a bank holiday! In the rain! That is dedication that deserves a reward, I tell myself later as I reach for the biscuits.
  • Watching the Lego Movie and spending the rest of the day bursting into refrains of ‘Everything is Awesome!’ Sure beats that piece of crap ‘Let it Go’ rubbish from Frozen.
  • Playing Ludo with Noble Boy. Losing gracefully.
  • Spending an hour trying to figure out how to make my new haircut look like how my hairdresser styled it in the salon. Failing miserably, shrugging, and finally sticking some hair grips (bobby pins) ┬áin it to keep it out of my face. This is the extent of my hair-styling skills.
  • Watching the Mad Men mid-season finale once the kids are in bed, after I’ve stuffed myself with penne puttanesca.
  • Watching the news after that, and discussing the week’s current events with Noble Husband.
  • Realising all I’ve done today is work out, eat, read, and watch TV. Everything is awesome!
  • Having a giggling fit at NH’s expense when he can’t get his bedside light off, then enduring a pseudo wrestling match and more laughing while we try not to wake the kids.
  • Drifting off to sleep feeling deeply contented. Sod the sun — rainy days are my favourite days.

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