Eating with the enemy

NS January 26th, 2011

After swearing many years ago that I would never, EVER allow this vile substance to pass my lips, I have somehow come to end up blimmin’ loving it in the past couple weeks.

I live in fear that my American passport will be revoked upon producing photographic evidence of culinary treason but my cheese sandwiches, thankful for the reprieve from mayo, have promised to raise the necessary funds to finally secure British citizenship for me, thus making my transition complete and official.

11 Responses to “Eating with the enemy”

  1. Expat Mum says:

    Ha! Love it. I have a jar in my fridge as we speak, and visitors usually have to bring some over for me. A cheese sandwich just isn’t a sandwich without it.
    Now how about that marmite….
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  2. Ask your husband for a rendition of the dreadful tv adverts which ended with families chorusing “bring out the Branston” together. That’s enough to restore you to your former sceptical condition.

  3. jen says:

    god help me, i actually put rocket on things these days.
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  4. Mette says:

    haha, you definitely deserve British citizenship for eating that.

    I’m Danish and normally not a big fan of pickles (or Marmite or brown sauces) but then I saw myself running like a drug addict to the corner shop to buy a jar of Branston a couple of months ago.

    A few days later I found out I was pregnant :-)

    ps. thanks for a great blog, I’m glad that you’re back.
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  5. JulieB says:

    No, it’s wrong, all wrong, I tell you!
    Mind you, I used to say that about Marmite, and yet I find myself eating the stuff these days. Funny how tastes can change.
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  6. Ahh the Branston – it’s bound to get to you sooner or later. A bit like Pot Noodles and Pepparami (or did I go a step too far there….)

  7. andrea says:

    if you start loving marmite i may come over there myself and revoke your US passport. to be fair, i’ve never tried branston’s concoction but given that it has to do with pickles i’m not all that surprised that you finally gave in. ;)
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  8. Well.. well done for trying it!! And then for admitting you like it! YAY! We love pickle. Esp the homemade stuff.


  9. April says:

    I love Branston Pickle!!!! Nowadays, a “ploughman’s” from M&S or Waitrose is my idea of a treat….yeah i know….very sad.
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  10. If you really want to morph as ‘British’, you need to like Bovril too. Which a friend of mine summarised as ‘boiled down bovine bones’. The Branston is only the beginning, i fear?
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  11. Erin says:

    Oh, honey. Really? Pickle? I’m so sorry, nobody should ever have to endure such a tragedy. I know that what actually happened is that someone sprinkled it with crack cocaine, spread it on your cheese sandwich when you weren’t looking and therefore you are now tragically addicted.

    Don’t worry, one day you will beat the habit.
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