She gets it, even when we don’t

NS January 9th, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, after a spot of shopping, we took the kids to Pizza Hut. Though there were moments where we had to corral them back to the table, for the most part they behaved in the socially prescribed way by sitting in their chairs, eating their food and not making too much noise. It was a nice outing.

As NH and I were paying and getting coats on, our server, a young woman who looked to be in her early 20s, smiled as she watched our children tickle each other and laugh. After she handed over the receipt and my debit card, she said to them, “You two make me so happy. Watching you play together has made my day.”

She then turned to me and said, “This must be the best part of being a parent, huh? Watching them smile and laugh. I bet it makes up for all the times you’re fed up with them.”

Caught off guard by her lovely and insightful comment, I just smiled and nodded. As I watched the two blonde heads of my progeny skip out the door holding hands, the poignancy of her comment caused my eyes to briefly fill with tears.

Yes, I am lucky and yes, they are a joy to behold.

Thank you, Pizza Hut girl, for reminding me of that.

8 Responses to “She gets it, even when we don’t”

  1. Expat Mum says:

    Awww. I need that right about now. Just unpacked and done 6 loads of other people’s laundry!
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  2. Geekymummy says:

    Wow, a successful restaurant outing? That is to be celebrated! What a sweet server, so nice to hear. You are braver than I, we should resaurant more often but I don’t have the energy to risk it most of the time.
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  3. Emily Barton says:

    Oh yes, absolutely the best thing about children is watching them play and laugh (and getting to act like a child and play with them, of course). And the nice thing is that there are people like you willing to do all the very hard work of having and rearing children so that people like me can enjoy them, too.

  4. Sally says:

    It’s never the wrong moment to be reminded of the fun that’s part of parenting. Lovely post.

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  6. Emily O says:

    It often takes a stranger to make you realise these things. I often think that when I’m out and about with the children I’m inwardly dealing with a to-do list, trying to keep track of time, working out when the baby’s nappy needs changing, wondering if we’re near a toilet for my 2 year old, and trying to keep tabs on where they are and how they’re behaving, etc. I often just forget to relax and enjoy it. A stranger sees that one moment and really that’s what’s important. This has got me all thoughtful and rambling now, I must be tired. Bet you never thought you’d thank Pizza Hut.
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  7. Michelloui says:

    Bonus! Not only do you get this lovely reminder of why we love our little people so much, but you got an understanding waitress! this was a sweet reminder for me too :)
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  8. Adam says:

    A lovely story and I so know what you mean. In fact, I had a similar (but different!) emotional realisation today. My eyes filled with tears when my son sent me a text message. Why? Because it’s the first text message he’s ever sent me – we only gave him a phone this Christmas. It made me realise that he’s growing up! I’ve written about it here – would love your thoughts!