Run, fat girl, run

NS January 4th, 2011

So one of my biggest goals for 2011 is to lose the metric shit-tonne of weight (nearly 2 stone) I’ve put on since I had my son two years ago. I’m not going on some crazy fad diet, but I have signed up for Weight Watchers (online version only, I can’t abide those horrid public weigh-ins) and am determined to take running up again. Considering I was running 3 times a week, often before 6am, and completed a 5k just a few months ago, it’s a bit crap that I completely fell off the wagon as soon as I crossed that finish line. My mind was like, ‘Hey, you did it! Now you can reward yourself by stopping exercise altogether and stuffing your face with congratulatory cakes.’

Yeah, so that didn’t work out too well for me.

As I was telling a runner friend of mine about my new goals and how I’d signed up for a 10k race in April to keep myself motivated, she convinced me to add more mini-goals throughout the year. After a few drinks, she had me signed up for a 5k in February, the 10k in April, a 5k in July and then a duathlon in September (5k run, 20k bike ride, 3k run).

I don’t know whether to thank her or make a voodoo doll with her name on it.

Regardless, I am on board and training begins tomorrow.

Pray for me.

14 Responses to “Run, fat girl, run”

  1. Happy New Year!
    I’m praying for you already! No really, we all need goals don’t we and they sound like great ones…..good for you. :)

  2. Expat Mum says:

    Weight Watchers is really easy as long as you don’t cheat. And by that I mean Guesstimate the points, which is what I start to do once I lose a few pounds and get cocky about it.
    Good luck – especially with the running!

  3. andrea says:

    good luck with all of it! i’m on day 3 of WW and really happy i’m doing it! now to add the workout piece….
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  4. geekymummy says:

    Good luck! Running is so good for mental and physical health. I’m vowing to take it up again this year too. Maybe I should sign up for a race or two!

  5. Lyn says:

    Good luck to you. I too am going to sign up for a run/walk coming up in April. I guess I should go ahead and look for a couple of more to keep me going throughout the year. Here’s to a healthy happy 2011!

  6. bad aunt says:

    what evil thing did you do to this “friend” of yours???
    just kidding
    Is she going to run with you? sometimes it makes it more fun and less work.
    good luck

  7. Good on you! Start the year as you mean to go on. Running is a great way to keep fit, and makes you feel energised inside and out. As a mother, I find it’s so nice to have a focus outside of work & kids and do something that is just for you. Good luck with the races.

  8. Krista says:

    Well done you! I had great success with WW a few (er, 6?) years ago – lost nearly 4 stone and looked and felt great. Then I got pregnant and ate every chocolate-covered carb in the whole of the UK, and I’ve never quite managed to get back in the groove. The problem is all me, though – WW is a great, common sense program.

    And fwiw, the public weigh-ins aren’t too public. I didn’t do UK meetings, just weighed in on my lunch hour, but my Leader never said my weight out loud, so only she and I knew whether I’d gone up or down.

    Good luck with the running!

  9. jen says:

    go you!

    running in the winter months is hard (it’s so dark, so early), but with the days getting longer and motivation, you’ll be back into it in no time :)

  10. I just saw your post title from Kerry on Living’s page and I laughed out loud.

    Good luck with your running. I was doing it for a while but now I’m on a walking kick. I say hey, whatever works. I do miss the endorphins from a run, but not how tired I got later.

  11. Courtney says:

    I think this is fabulous – good for you! I am really looking forward to working out after having this baby…just for the way it makes me feel! I had to stop everything but walking in month 7 because of awful contractions, and then last week I broke my toe and can’t even walk. I have all this extra energy and it’s driving me nuts…ah, but this is about YOU, not me…sorry!! I am looking forward to reading about your progress!
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  12. Helen says:

    Boy, you’re really going for it. Good luck for the rest of the year. At least, with all the training you are going to have to do you should be able to eat just about anything you like!

  13. April says:

    Well Done to you!!! I find running hard on my body…I always end up spraining my ankle or hurting my knee…I like the idea of having little races though! Must be great for the motivation. I am simply trying to cut the crap from my diet and attempt to do a workout dvd most days. I’m doing Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred and Yogalates.

    Looking forward to hearing of your progress!
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  14. Troutie says:

    I too am on a diet but as for running????? Not even for a frickin’ bus. I’m on the free fitness supplements from the papers, dancing around my living room, only drinking booze Fri-Sunday, eating like a pauper, brisk walking and more sex. Good Luck to us both.x