Fight the terrorists with crotch grabs!

NS November 17th, 2010

People are going apeshit in the US about these new pat-down procedures at airports. Apparently, airline passengers are faced with a choice of full body scanner (where an anonymous person in a room somewhere can see under your clothes — big deal!) or a rather thorough pat-down that includes much groping and patting of various damp and dark places on the body.

I am really not bothered about being scanned or patted-down. I’d prefer not to have to do either but seeing as they are a ‘necessary evil’ for the time being, I’m really not fussed which method they use. This is what we must go through as a result of the Bush Years, folks. It’s your own damn moronic faults. You made your GOP-lined bed and now you are being molested on it. Ain’t life grand?

I’ll be in the US in just a couple weeks and will be entering 6 or 7 different airports. I may get to second base several times while I’m away! At least I’ll be getting some action while separated from NH.

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  2. Must admit, Homeland Security is one of the main reasons I haven’t made a trip to see Mom in Florida recently. And the latest additions to the ‘service’ aren’t encouraging me.
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  3. Ah reminds me of the close relationship I had with a security lady in Amsterdam airport a few years ago (I was commuting each week) who felt my underwire in my bra every Friday night for about 9 months…

    Not actually convinced the searches do anything more than pacify travellers and reassure the public rather than act as a meaningful barrier to bomb threats given the recent freight discoveries
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  4. jen says:

    my opposition has more to do with the whole “security theatre” farce – the security you go through *coming from* some less developed countries to the US is often nearly non-existent. yet Americans (who as yet have had exactly one homegrown terrorist) are subjected to all kinds of invasive procedures to make people (as Mudding Along says) feel like it’s safe to fly.

  5. Love your comment on the Bush years (and pleased that I understand it, I didn’t know what the GOP was until I moved here). Yes, let’s blame all that groping on Donald Rumsfeld! I don’t mind pat-downs either, but airports do need to get their act together so we don’t have to wait in line for 30 minutes every time we go through security. Otherwise the terrorists have really won.
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  6. andrea says:

    i seem to always get selected for a little extra somethin, somethin at security. in the midst of being patted down and wanded at one particular airport i asked the friendly security lady why i had been chosen. she actually told me that they often will pick single women in my age range (20s – 40s) traveling alone because we’re just the least likely to get beligerant or complain and it tends to be very quick to check us over. how’s that for homeland security?
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    NS Reply:

    @andrea, I feel so reassured now. I will undoubtedly receive the same treatment then, as a woman traveling alone.

  7. Krista says:

    I don’t care so much about a scan for me – although I haven’t looked into the safety of the scanners for pregnant travelers. I do have an issue with the fact that they JUST decided they wouldn’t do the invasive pat-downs on young children. And I admit that I do kind of have an issue with someone from TSA reaching down into my pants or up my shirt – but that’s really because I have so little faith in TSA agents, so I’m basically going to get groped for nothing and I’m not even getting a nice dinner out of the deal. And I’m simply not okay with increasingly invasive scans/patdowns on my child.

    Breast cancer survivors have had to remove their prosthetic breasts, or have a TSA agent move it up and down and side to side. A bladder cancer survivor at Detroit Metro Airport was recently patted down so aggressively, despite explaining that he had a bag that collected his urine, that the bag broke and soaked his clothes in urine. He didn’t have time to change his clothes before his flight, so he got to fly in urine-soaked clothing. I’m fine with security, but I’m not okay with humiliation in the name of a security “display”.

    NS Reply:

    @Krista, Don’t get me wrong, Krista, I think they are a farce too. I just don’t get why there’s so much outrage now but not when other civil liberties were eroded and taken away in the name of ‘security’ over the past 9 years. Tapped phones and emails are okay but not a scan to see if you’re got a bomb before boarding a plane? I just don’t like the hypocrisy.

    I also don’t see how the gov’t can pacify the majority’s (often unfounded) fears of terrorism without resorting to measures like this. They are putting on a big show in the name of safety and security but only because that’s what the American public seem to want. Right or wrong, we have been complicit in so much else in the name of safety that it doesn’t seem like a huge stretch that this could happen. I have been nonplussed by it because I guess I saw it coming years ago.

    Big Brother has arrived and he is not friendly.

  8. Lyndsey says:

    Bush years? hmmm…How about this is what you get when a select group of people (in this case, THE GOV’T) has complete control over everyone else.

    I’m not entirely certain that security measure are (number-wise) called for as is, but I certainly would never agree to scanners such as these and invasive pat-downs! Oh, wait, I don’t get a say…and neither do the airlines as the government has FORCED these security measures upon them! I certainly don’t think the blame need be placed on the Bush years…ridiculous as they were! It’s more a whole government in general issue.

    NS Reply:

    @Lyndsey, The reason I mentioned Bush is because, as I said in my response to Krista above, our privacy rights began being stripped away during his administration and most people seemed okay with that, so long as it stopped even one terrorist act. How many people have said, “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about”?

    I think it’s total BS and a big dog and pony show too, but I saw it coming years ago, when we all sat by and allowed the government to invade other countries, erode our rights, etc.. in the name of national security. This is simply a natural progression from that point.