Walking with carnivores

NS September 30th, 2010

Every night this week, the four of us have piled onto the bed to watch an episode of Walking With Dinosaurs. Tonight, as we watched a dinosaur tear bloody chunks out of its freshly-killed prey and I worried that it might be too much for Noble Girl, she suddenly said: Mmm mmmmm. That looks tasty!

No salad for lunch tomorrow then, eh?

5 Responses to “Walking with carnivores”

  1. Carnivore in the family, huh? Little elf generally subsists on the Atkins diet, unless we virtually force feed her greens…
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  2. Iota says:

    Could be her Midwest heritage?
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  3. Nora says:

    Kids are so realistic and resilient. Half of the time we don´t need to worry about them. They can handle much more than we think they can.
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  4. Expat Mum says:

    LOL, as they say. My 7 year old won’t even come in the room if it’s on!
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  5. Children are pretty fatalistic aren’t they.

    Littleboy 2 asked me this morning what dinosaurs ate. I said that some ate leaves and trees and some were a bit more fierce and ate other animals. He thought the last part was hilarious, not scary at all…..
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