Ssh! Don’t tell my husband

NS September 16th, 2010

After making dinner four nights in a row (a rarity in this house, where Noble Husband prepares 90 per cent of our meals), I seem to have caught the cooking bug. This afternoon I rather joyfully carved up the leftover roast chicken (which was excellent as Tuesday night’s dinner, I must say) and then saved the carcass so I can make stock tomorrow. After that I baked corn bread. I also found myself looking at recipes that I remember drooling over on some of my favourite blogs and excitedly looking forward to trying my hand at a couple this weekend.

I doubt I’ll become Martha/Delia/Nigella/Julia any time soon, but the thought of producing gorgeous, tasty food from fresh ingredients and recipes that I find myself, not rely on NH for, is becoming more and more appealing. I’d like to start making more vegetarian fare and if I’m in control of the kitchen, that’s just what will happen. I’m sure NH is cringing at the thought but he’ll get over it soon enough, especially when what I put in front of him is delicious, healthy¬†and ethical.

Hang on to your hats, family! Mama might just buy an apron this weekend. Now to find out where we keep the saucepans and cookery-type implements…

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18 Responses to “Ssh! Don’t tell my husband”

  1. God, don’t make stock – it sits in the stove for hours bubbling like a demon and stinking the house out. Or maybe that’s just when the Boogie Meister makes stock.

    I’m of the whole ‘can’t cook, won’t cook, don’t understand why you’d want to wait any length of time to eat if you’re hungry and if you’re not hungry why are you cooking??’ school (it’s not a well-known school but highly regarded by its followers). Traditionally, the BoogieMeister cooked all my meals because he likes cooking, but also, I suspect, because he didn’t fancy eating sandwiches every second night. Now, however, I find myself (huh??) in a position where I supply two children with two meals a day. And I’m still not quite sure how it happened that I now therefore prepare more meals than the BoogieMeister whilst still hating cooking with a passion. Despite this, I know where you’re coming from; every so often I actually whip something up from some random recipe book and it doesn’t result in vominting and unsightly rashes and I imagine I’m going to become Left-Over Queen before the week’s out. All I can say is: it’s never actually happened yet! That’s not or course to say it won’t happen to you – you may be significantly less terrified than me that your ineptitude will kill someone…Oh, and the saucepans tend to be in big drawers or hanging from the ceiling, but don’t ask me what symbol on the oven means ‘cook’ – the only one I know is the symbol for ‘fan’ (what any of the 38 other symbols are is a pemanent source of mystery to me).
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    NS Reply:

    @Mistress of Boogie, Ha! You are a riot, oh Mistress. Normally I’d be in 100% agreement with you. We’ll see how long this cooking bug lasts…probably only the weekend, knowing me.

  2. Kelly says:

    Fucking awesome I made your list. You know I also post a tweetstream and a Flickrset of some of my cookinz. My whole point is to inspire or help anyone who is interested and I answer emails and DMs etc.

    One thing I love about cooking is you can take it or leave it. I can spend days churning out homebaked bread and pot roast and lasagnas and complex salads and homemade pickles and cooking for everyone and bringing them stuff… then one day I decide to eat out instead or have my husband cook (he’s trained up pretty well under my tutelage, he cooks great food, just takes longer). Cooking is like a marial art, I can use it when I choose to but I have the discipline NOT to use it too. Hee.
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    NS Reply:

    @Kelly, I subscribed to your Twitter feed and was drooling over your Flickr pics. Yum! Makin’ me hungry already. I love the comparison of cooking to martial arts. Food Ninja!

  3. monkey girl says:

    steady on NS, you’ll be baking brownies next

    NS Reply:

    @monkey girl, I already do that…though I’m not sure if throwing together the Betty Crocker mix counts.

  4. Lyn says:

    Just don’t let NH get out of the habit. It may be hard to revert back without a fight. I cheerfully relented the dinner chore to your father because he didn’t like waiting until 9pm for dinner. Now he has forgotten that I actually do know how to cook, and I like it that way! He cooks, I bake. Except when I choose to.

    NS Reply:

    @Lyn, Oh Mom, I love that you’re worried that if I cook too much NH will start to expect it. At first I laughed but now I’m wondering if there’s some truth in that. He *says* he won’t but how can I be so sure? Hmmm…. ;-)

  5. Signor Dos Empanadas says:

    Good work NS. The Roast Chicken was excellent; the tarragon was a great touch even though you thought you were using parsley!

    I won’t forget too quickly. I don’t want to become dependant on you and then lost at sea if you’re out for the night:

    Looking forward to Kelly’s tomato soup.

    NS Reply:

    @Signor Dos Empanadas, Yes, I think we’ll call that dish Accidental Tarragon Chicken.

    I *knew* you were going to post that video link. “I’m home, honey! Where’s my dinner?!” I love it.

  6. Expat Mum says:

    Yeah – stock stinks, but is great for soups. Just chuck some split peas and old veg in there and Bob’s Yer Uncle.

    NS Reply:

    @Expat Mum, I got a carrot and an onion. Will that suffice?

  7. Seriously, that soup will really make you cry. Though, a blogger friend made it and she used store-bought croutons and her review of it all was that it “probably wasn’t as good” as mine. Trust me, it really is the croutons.

    And I agree with @Kelly. You can take it or leave it. That soup is the first thing I’ve made in forever, and it may be forever again before I cook, but it will always be there waiting for me! Let your inner gourmet out. I find it to be extremely liberating and creative.
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    NS Reply:

    @Jessica – This is Worthwhile, It was your tomato soup recipe that inspired me, really, so thank you! Was this a self-made recipe or one passed on to you from elsewhere?

    Jessica - This is Worthwhile Reply:

    @NS, Oh, awesome!!! Actually, I loosely followed a recipe, but went my own route to improve it :)
    Jessica – This is Worthwhile´s last blog ..Lessons learned by bowling yes- bowlingMy ComLuv Profile

  8. Nova says:

    Watch out ….it’s addictive! I am sooo envious that your husband cooks 90% of the time….it’s the monotony that I hate. ;0S

    NS Reply:

    @Nova, Yeah, I suppose I am quite lucky. On the other hand, NH is quite lucky that I wash his pants 90% of the time. ;)

  9. Sandrine says:

    Enjoy! But if I were you I’d stick to fancy weekend cooking and baking and leave the everyday meals to NH. Otherwise god only knows what will happen. Also, whatever you do, do not start to rearrange the kitchen utensils. That’s like marking the territory and NH will never step foot in there again.
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