A religious (expat) experience

NS September 5th, 2010

Noble Girl starts at school tomorrow and I’m on high alert for a client’s imminent birth, leaving me with little time to blog. But if you’ve been waiting for the day when I would share my views on religion in the UK as compared to the US, you need look no further than my guest post at Pond Parleys, the brainchild of Toni from Expat Mum.


3 Responses to “A religious (expat) experience”

  1. Excellent post, I really enjoyed that. Some very interesting comments too. I didn’t comment over there as i have nothing to add not knowing anything about the US’s religion.
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  2. adam says:

    i really enjoyed your post on religion. even more, i like this slogans appearing on the side of london buses. it’s true. stop worrying and enjoy your life. i am *uptohere* with religion dictating everything in america.
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  3. april says:

    Hey :) as always i enjoy your posts. I think it’s so odd that I’ve had such a different experience. As a christian in the states, I felt very out of place. I always felt like when someone found out I was a Christian, they acted a little uncomfortable around me and sort of distanced themselves from me. I was never the in your face type, it would just naturally come up in conversation as I’d talk about my missions trips overseas. So anyway, I always felt a bit like people either didn’t want to know me, or else were strangely bemused by me, So I really felt in the minority.

    So when I came to the UK, I found people a lot more just nonplussed about it. In some ways, i felt people saw me for me, not “the Christian” and I have so many more atheist friends here than I ever had in the states. I feel like people are very accepting of my faith and are often curious and as questions about it…I suppose in the states you have people who have “heard it all before” and don’t want to know where people here are like “oh right…what’s your church like??” Even if they aren’t curious, I have found people still want to be my friend and hang out with me.

    I also enjoy the church much more over here in general. I feel it’s more “in the world” as there is not such a huge Christian sub culture like there is the states. Anyway, just thought I’d share….hope you don’t mind!