7/7: Five years on

NS July 7th, 2010

I’m a little surprised that I haven’t read more about this in papers and on blogs today.

It’s been five years since bombs tore through London’s Underground and on a single bus, killing 52 innocent people and injuring 700 more. It also marks five years since London became ingrained into every little nook and cranny of my soul and confirmed my love for and devotion to this city.

I’ve told the story before of where I was that day and what kind of emotional impact it had and continues to have on me. So I won’t tell it again. But I will never forget.

To the families of those killed on 7 July 2005, and those living with the scars and pain left behind, know you are in my thoughts and my heart today, and always.

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  1. Bumbling says:

    I’m surprised too. I’ve just been back and read your posts. I’m a non-Londoner, but I work in London regularly, oyster card in hand. I echo your sentiments entirely.

    Thanks for the reminder x
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  3. I just read your post from July 2007 and want you to know how exceptionally moving I found it. I wholeheartedly agree with your comments about people with their heads in the sand and the realities of terrorist risk. Like you I’m surprised the day isn’t being recognised more. Maybe its still too soon for some?

    MD xx

  4. Yes, I am in total agreement. I blogged about it myself today and I am really surprised that so few people have. If you are a ‘Londoner’ in the broadest sense of the word it would have made an impact on your life. I’m remembering.
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  5. Expat Mum says:

    Wow – 5 years ago already! I was in London that morning with my kids and the horror and shock are unforgettable. RIP all the victims.
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  6. geekymummy says:

    Gosh, has it really been five years? I remember feeling so very far away.
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  7. Mary Clark says:

    I felt the same way about 9/11 (or 11/9 as it would be in UK)- but now I wish it was less public. I feel a huge surge of sympathy every year for families, for lives that have been permanently blighted, and then I look at the horrendous waste of life, money, etc. expended in so-called pursuit of terrorists, who look suspiciously like ordinary Iraquis and Afghanis going about their every day business. I look at the growing concrete wall dividing palestinians from their fields…and it seems to me that we’ve not learned a thing. All of the over-the-top emoting by GWB and others who didn’t lose anyone, memorials, blah blah blah– I would like that to turn into something real. A blog post like yours is a more fitting memorial than many– and it is real.

  8. Capital Mom says:

    I remember this really well. I read about this at work and it really affected me. Probably because I had lived in London.
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  9. It’s good to be reminded. The bus was attacked around the corner from my office and at one point we were told to stay in the building whilst they completed a search of the area. I remember working through the list of our staff and chasing down everyone’s workplace, still finding it a little unreal, but relieved that nobody from my workplace had been hurt or worse (a few people actually took that particular bus). Then feeling guilty, of course.

    Every now and then I walk down that street for one reason for another and something nudges me to think about the people who died and the grief of the families who also suffered on that day. And then I think about Baghdad or any number of other cities where this is a daily, numbing reality. Except, as ever, for the families.
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