The assassination of Iggle Piggle

NS June 4th, 2010

My sister, who is here visiting from Chicago, had Noble Boy on her lap yesterday, trying to keep him entertained by showing him clips of In The Night Garden on her phone. What she didn’t know, as most parents have already discovered if they’ve searched YouTube for clips of favourite children’s shows, is that some people like to take said clips and mess with them, making them rather dark or, um, adult.

So it was to Noble Sister’s horror when, a few seconds into the clip of Iggle Piggle bouncing around to the soothing music and nonsensical narration, something rather unexpected happened. [Warning: May not be suitable for viewing if young children are present]

Woe betide the therapist coaxing NB through this repressed memory in 30 years.

9 Responses to “The assassination of Iggle Piggle”

  1. Dara says:

    That shot definitely came from the grassy knoll!

    At least it does say “not for kids” (which probably wasn’t viewable on the iphone). We had a Dora and Boots YouTube encounter that has probably done horrible things to my daughter’s sexua idealogies.

    Apparently they will be realising a 12 and under YouTube site sometime soon.

  2. Gappy says:

    That just made my 11 year old and his friend nearly wet themselves.
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  3. Expat Mum says:

    Darn – I have two little boys playing about ten feet behind me, so will have to view it later!
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  4. Anji says:

    Haha, I love it. I don’t think I’ll be showing Orion though. ;)
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  5. nicola says:

    Very funny. Reflects how I feel about Iggle Piggle at times…

    btw – HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a doula! That is fantastic news. I had a doula for both boys and she was amazing – we were in touch until recently. I would recommend them to everyone – I would have really struggled with Captain Underpants natural birth without her. She was my rock.

    You are a rock star for doing this.
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  6. I’ve noticed that on YouTube when searching for clips of German children’s shows to show Mikko. I have to screen them very carefully beforehand. :)
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  7. noble sister says:

    in my defense, it didn’t show up (or at least i didn’t notice it) as saying it was not for kids. the squeals of delight from NB at seeing iggle were making me feel quite proud until that fateful shot was fired. send me any bills for his future emotional and behavioral issues and therapy sessions.

  8. Socrates says:

    Thanks for sharing. My best mate will find this hilarious. He refers to me as Iggle Piggle.
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  9. mammydiaries says:

    Hey there! I just read your comments on Hot Cross Mum’s latest blog and had to come over and give you a visit. You expressed my thoughts exactly that while it appears perfectly acceptable to write off natural birthing/breastfeeding/sling wearing/etc.. mothers as mad hippies who grow their own clothes and turn their placentas into culinary delights, look out if you dare criticize the socially acceptable methods of parenting such as controlled crying, seperate sleeping, formula feeding, etc.. as you will be labelled with such charming words as “Militant” and or “Nazi” to name but a few before being publicly flogged for daring to suggest that these practices may not be optimal for children. Well Done! Oh, and great blog btw!