Dear PR Person: an ongoing series

NS May 29th, 2010

Dear PR person,

You recently emailed me with the opening line, “Hello, Yummy Mummy!” excitedly presuming I would be thrilled to attend your event, which was fashion-related, and talked to me as if I was about five. I presume you hadn’t read this particular post of mine, then? Or this one?

RSVP: Not a chance

4 Responses to “Dear PR Person: an ongoing series”

  1. Iota says:


    That was my comment, but WordPress said it was too short, and sent me back to try again. Do you think they have someone at WordPress who was an elementary school teacher?

    Wonder if this will be acceptable now.
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  2. I’m back to blogging and saw a sweet comment you left on my blog so I thought I’d let you know :) xoxoxo

    PS – your blog looks fab!

  3. blues says:

    hahaha. They missed the mark on that one.
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  4. Hello you patronizing git, is the only suitable response I can think of to that intro.
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