NS May 27th, 2010

As I sat breastfeeding Noble Boy while reading blogs on my iPhone (as you do), I briefly averted my eyes to gaze at his nearly-asleep face by the glow of the screen. And it hit me; it’s not a deep desire to nurse my child until he naturally weans himself that keeps me going —  it’s Steve Jobs. Without that hand-held miracle device, I may have gotten bored with the whole affair a few months ago. As it is, I’m happy to carry on for as long as he wants, so long as I can look at my iPhone over his head.

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9 Responses to “iLactate”

  1. Vic says:

    So true! I’m exactly the same.

  2. geekymummy says:

    Wish I had an iphone back when I was nursing. Reading books is harder!
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  3. Iota says:

    “iLactate” – very good!

    And is there an app for that?
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  4. Lyn says:

    It makes such a nice little night light too!

  5. Mediocre Mum says:

    Brilliant! Makes me wonder if I had an I-phone when Madame was little I may have had more success with BFing as I struggled to sit still long enough! ;-)

  6. I’m sure Steve Jobs would be delighted to hear that he has done so much to promote breastfeeding…..

    Perhaps that’s why Apple overtook Microsoft in market cap yesterday?!
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  7. Nova says:

    haha….I know exactly what you mean…if only I had my iphone slightly earlier….any excuse to play childish games although I think my son would request one to play with whilst he was feeding. ( he’s far too grown up for his age!) ;0)
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  8. April says:

    love this :) :) Made me smile!
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  9. Ah, that’s what I need! I’m stuck always trying to balance a laptop. :) But I upgraded to a MacBook Pro with a lighted keyboard so I can type one-handed in the dark.
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