Noble Girl’s world

NS May 13th, 2010

Every so often, I’m going to post pictures and video that Noble Girl has taken with my iPhone, as she frequently does, because sometimes they are really good and/or fascinating or funny. Here are three she took a couple weeks ago at my inlaws’ house.

Play kitchen

Mama's drink

Grandma's hands

12 Responses to “Noble Girl’s world”

  1. Gappy says:

    She certainly can take a better photo than me – fair play.
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  2. TheMadHouse says:

    They are great, it is brill to get a childs eye perspective on things
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  3. Chris says:

    I love these! I am going to hand a camera to Bonus Boy!
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  4. Krista says:

    Love this! We got a spanky new camera a couple of years ago, so we’ve let C use our old one a few times, and she’s fascinated. To my list of Things I Really Ought To Get Done One Day, I’ve added, “Make scrapbook of C’s photos.”

  5. lori day says:

    You should help her create her very own photo album or scrap book (good Mom and daughter bonding event) even if the title is made of glitter and maccorroni – never could remember how to spell it. Then choose which pictures to print and be sure to date them.
    She takes wonderful pictures. Grandma’s hands is truly a treasure. She has a gift.
    Maybe someday when she is all grown up, she can take pictures for the things that you write about!!!

  6. Lyn says:

    I love this. It is great to get a child’s perspective. I look forward to seeing more here in the future.

  7. Iota says:

    Kids these days are so darn sophisticated with gizmos like cameras aren’t they?
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  8. Expat Mum says:

    As someone who now has a talented 17 year old photographer in the house, I can say they are some great photos. Very arty and great quality. (Not that I’m any good with a camera, but I know it when I see it!)
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  9. I’m with Expat Mum – I take the most ridiculously awful photos ! These are just lovely xx
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  10. andrea says:

    these are great. i especially love “grandma’s hands”. i think she definitely has an eye for good photography!
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  11. A Free Man says:

    I love photos from the perspective of a little one. If I weren’t so precious about my gadgets I’d have more from my own little one.
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  12. blues says:

    Not a bad eye. When i was home I took my nephews to the botanical gardens to see the butterfly exhibit. At 5 and 3, they were fascinated with taking pictures of the butterflies. I unfortunately had to delete almost all of them when I got back.
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