The definition of reflex

NS April 19th, 2010

Sitting on the toilet, mid-flow, when your child starts to tumble backwards towards the steep stairs just off the bathroom. Immediately springing forward, trousers round ankles. Catching an arm in the nick of time, thus preventing disaster, all without spilling a drop.

I knew those pelvic floor exercises would come in handy one day.

16 Responses to “The definition of reflex”

  1. Expat Mum says:

    Oooh. Respect! Apparently I’m being prompted to leave a longer comment but all I wanted to do was voice respect!
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  2. MrShev says:

    Very funny – like the Matrix crossed with Parenthood.
    Good luck for a MAD!

    NS Reply:

    @MrShev, That is a very apt description! Thanks for the luck.

  3. I’m at once completely grossed out and thoroughly impressed.
    Jessica – This is Worthwhile´s last blog ..While the husband’s away My ComLuv Profile

    NS Reply:

    @Jessica – This is Worthwhile, Happy to oblige. ;)

  4. I have to admit, that’s not necessarily something a man could do.

    “However much you shake your peg/The last drop dribbles down your leg.” we used to say at school…
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    NS Reply:

    @Dad Who Writes, I think one little dribble down the leg is worth the convenience that having a penis bestows on those of the biologically male persuasion. Try squatting in the woods, drunk, pissing directly into your trousers while clinging for dear life to a tree trunk with quivering thighs ready to give out and land your arse in the resulting puddle. Then come talk to me about the dribble. ;)

    Dad Who Writes Reply:

    @NS, OK, you’ve convinced me. I’ll hang onto my penis. As it were.
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  5. Heather says:

    oh bravo! *stands up and claps* that is very impressive!
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  6. So very impressed! Yea for Kegels.
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  7. Capital Mom says:

    That is pretty impressive!
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  8. Socrates says:

    I hear this is a test that prospective Jedi Knights have to do, those that succeed say it is a piece of piss.
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  9. lori day says:

    Maybe your book should be about Motherhood moments like this. It shows what it really takes to be a parent! Hillarious how you can multi-task. Glad the little one is OK.
    Maybe you can title it “Multi-tasking Momma”

  10. Boy am I impressed. I’d have definitely peed in my pants…
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  11. andrea says:

    hahaha! good save, momma!
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  12. Luschka says:

    Oh dear! I thought I was good for generally and repeatedly waking up moments before K falls of the bed every morning. That’s skill though!
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