Fuck You Friday: World leader edition

NS March 26th, 2010

Fuck you, oh pointy-hatted one, for covering up the abuse of hundreds of boys (and cod knows what else) for the past several decades, in the name of your bigoted, small-minded, patriarchal institution of power-hungry lie-spreading based on ancient (if not totally make-believe) stories.

Fuck you, Barack Obama, for throwing American women under the health care reform bus. I’m sure that since you’re the one driving the bus you didn’t even notice as you rolled right over us, but believe me; we’re being crushed by the weight of your cowardly decision and the poorest and most vulnerable of us will pay the heaviest price. Champion of the people, my ass. You ‘did what you had to do’ but it was to acquiesce to those hateful, spiteful bullies that convinced you that restricting women’s access to a perfectly legal procedure in an acceptable and merely ‘unfortunate’ side effect of The Bigger Picture. Well guess what, Pres? It doesn’t get any Bigger Picture for us than the right to control our motherfucking bodies and decide when and if we will grow, bear, raise and be responsible for y’all menfolk’s babies. Seriously, fuck you for that. You completely ruined the little joy I may have gotten from the watered-down, pansy-ass bill and what it might mean for my family and friends currently residing in the USofA. You just convinced me to stay here in merry ol’ socialist England for at least another six years. In fact, where’d I put that application to become an official subject of the Queen? This week, I’d much rather my passport was red than blue.

Finally, a big fuck you to Gordon Brown for being too stubborn or stupid to see that he is likely going to lose Labour this election. Fuck you, Gordy, for making even the thought of (hypothetically) voting for David Cameron and the Conservatives cross my mind. I’ll be sending you the bill for my numerous showers and brain bleaching. Fucking douchebag.

16 Responses to “Fuck You Friday: World leader edition”

  1. Tabitha says:

    You know, you could always vote for the Liberal Democrats this general election. They were the only party that bothered last year to try and end citizenship discrimination against illegitimate children born to British fathers.

    Labour happily crushed the clause, proving their attitude towards “useless bastards”, like myself, are no different from the BNP.

    NS Reply:

    @Tabitha, Oh, I probably would vote Lib Dem if I could vote and will encourage NH to but it would still be nice if a party supposedly dedicated to progressiveness would have a leader who knows when to give it up and stop making everyone lean towards the least progressive party of them all.

  2. Stands up and claps

    As somebody who has had a backstreet abortion, in Asia, I can’t accept access to safe, legal, affordable abortion as an “optional extra” that can be bartered with.

    What might shock those so very opposed to offering it (under a universal medical plan) was how many women in that waiting room with me clearly did not want to be there. When it gets forced underground, by law or by cost, out of the window goes the safety net that does what it can to stop women being bullied, blackmailed or plain old forced into doing what a partner or parent wants, despite it riding roughshod over the pregnant female’s wishes.

    I don’t expect any sympathy from the PL front for those of us who seek abortion and die, become infected or maimed, I’ve been told often enough that this is just deserts (I thought God was anti people taking revenge, but there you go). I would have thought though that they would be less quick to think of the unwilling, pressured and arm twisted as collateral damage in order to prove a point though.

    NS Reply:

    @Sarah in Italy, Spot on comment, thank you. Our bodies and lives cannot be bartered for, you’re absolutely right.

  3. Sadly it was not hundreds but thousands of boys who were raped in Ireland alone, what the figure is Worldwide who knows.

    NS Reply:

    @The Parkerilla, Gosh, yes, I know. I was only referring to the most recent scandal involving the priest in America who abused deaf boys. Sick fucks, all of them. And so sad for the thousands of children who have suffered under this regime of complicity.

  4. geekymummy says:

    Couldn’t agree more on the Catholic Church (I was raised in it too). Its personal for me, have a good friend who was a victim (here in the US). He was rightly compensated financially, but nothing can give him back his childhood. My heart breaks for him and the thousands of other victims of this evil.

    Just upped my donation to Planned Parenthood. For the foreseeable future women here will rely more and more on this wonderful organization, more’s the pity.

    have a good weekend!
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    NS Reply:

    @geekymummy, My deepest sympathies to your friend. I hope those bastards get what they deserve and your friend can find peace.

  5. Emma says:

    Oh how I agree with all of these. Our Gordon even has me thinking about voting for Cameron or not voting at all!!! What’s a girl to do???

  6. With you on all of those – I can’t believe I’m even considering voting tory at this election and yet I find it hard to consider following my normal instincts …

    Great rant
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  7. Nora Ibsen says:

    It was a fantastic rant and i see the world is still being run by incompetent men who no shit about women and children and abuse their positions to do us wrong. It’s time to get these people out of the offices they hold and let women have the final say on these issues.

  8. Fuck the Pope. Always.

    Obama? Well, fundamentally, he’s a bible reading Christian who doesn’t believe in choice for women. So what really did people expect? I’m amazed he’s gone as far as he has on gay rights, for example. And he’s still part of the system. His political career to date is clearly that of a consummate party man.

    Now Labour…Well, Alistair Darling’s budget wasn’t bad. The lib dems could win in this seat and if they were no.2 to the Conservatives, I’d definitely vote for them. But I may well have to vote Labour again in the faint hope of a hung parliament with a Lab-Lib government. Why? A Conservative gov will impose drastic, knee-jerk, Daily Mail pleasing cuts across the public sector, send us straight back into recession and cause an awful lot more unnecessary misery for the very people stupid enough to cast a protest vote for them. A Labour/Lib Dem government (yeah, I know it won’t happen) might at least offer a measure of relative fiscal competence with some (via the lib dems) something approaching a social conscience.

    But words cannot express how deeply I feel betrayed by Labour.
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  9. Expat Mum says:

    Catholic church – well, as someone who was raised in it but not affected like that, they always moved priests around who had “strayed”, even if they were just having an affair with the woman who did the flowers. Very shameful and devastating to those poor kids.

    The Obama thing – while I’m with you on the abortion rage, the whole thing is appaling over here. There is so much anti-abortion sentiment, that I’m not sure I would have thrown the whole bill out either. The irony is that it’s legal, but because of the oppostition to it, there are very few places in the country where you can actually have one anyway. Most OB’s won’t do it out of fear. I really believe at this point, that it was worth getting anything through and then we can chip away at everything that was left out. It pains me to say that, but that was the reality.
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  10. Hadn’t realised what the US health legislation meant in terms of pro-choice for women; what a retrogade step. With you all the way on the child abuse, it makes me shake with fear and outrage.
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  11. Abby says:

    “Fuck you, Gordy, for making even the thought of (hypothetically) voting for David Cameron and the Conservatives cross my mind.” YES!

    Joanna Lumley for PM!

  12. A Free Man says:

    Well said on at least the first two counts. I’ve lost interest in UK politics. I’m hoping to lose interest in US politics next. Obama’s quest for the center is helping that along. And as for ‘The Church’, well my partner wanted to sent the boys to Catholic school, but I think she’s finally left that idea in the rubbish after the latest round of little boy rape cover ups.
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