New acronyms, same people

NS February 26th, 2010

Just a quickie (no, not that kind — get your minds out of the gutter!) to say that from now on, the entity formerly known as TNC (The Noble Child) will henceforth be referred to as NG (Noble Girl) and the child formerly known as TNB (The Noble Baby) will be NB (Noble Boy). TNH (The Noble Husband) will just be NH. The reasons for this are a) TNB is not a baby anymore *sniff*, b) I’ve always been just Noble Savage, not THE Noble Savage (except for on Twitter because, annoyingly, the name was already taken) so I reckon we should all be the same and c) it’s my blog and I can bloody well do what I want to (she says while stamping her foot in a rebellious manner).

So yeah, that was all I wanted to say. Do you think this is possibly my worst blog post ever? I’d say it’s a contender, along with this pathetic, two-word post during NaBloPoMo ’07.

6 Responses to “New acronyms, same people”

  1. If it gives me a giggle then tis not pathetic.

    I’d like to rename my bunch as well.

    But The Italian Sock Dropper is no nearer to understanding the function of the laundry basket and Son of Thor is currently using my living room as a jungle gym.

    (insert hefty sigh of resignation)

    Got a pang over the baby that is now a boy.

    They grow so fast.

  2. cartside says:

    You are very right to rename, I’m thinking about it too – I really don’t think I can refer to my almost 3 year old with the same name we gave her when she was an embryo. And she is very clear which names of endearment she likes, and the one I use is no longer one of them…

  3. jo says:

    Children do grow up fast.
    My daughter is 6 and there are moments where I truly miss her as a small toddler.
    But each ‘growing’ stage brings on some new development and eye-opener, that usually, eventually makes me smile.
    Right now, it’s her use of language and longer words.
    x jo

    P.S. I love a quickie………….post that is.

  4. geekymummy says:

    I think geekybaby became geekyboy at the same age.

    How dare they grow up?!

    Sunshine for you at mine (sorry if you got it already)

  5. We’re some distance from renaming so far (‘dudelet’ has legs I reckon) though little elf started out as dudelette until she got bigger and began to display some (very) distinct personality traits. I have similar pangs about dudelet but especially about little elf who’s been astonishingly cute from age 1-2 years and is now fiercely struggling to grow into independence.

  6. Three words. That NaBloWoTeva post was three words.