Sunday Mothering

NS January 24th, 2010

Quiet contemplation and frenzied scribbling (or typing, rather) may not make sense to many as a suitable and entirely worthwhile pursuit on which to spend an entire Sunday when the sun is shining and there are ruddy, muddy outdoor romps to be had, but to me it is perfection and bliss. My husband does not understand it. My children…do they suffer for it? Or, rather, do they benefit from the happiness and satisfaction it gives me?

My method of Sunday mothering may not involve wellies, mountaintop picnics or forest adventures but instead hot chocolate kisses, counting raindrops on windows and reading stories of wizards and cats and little girls who won’t go to bed. We may only venture outside to gather the necessary supplies for baking more chocolate chip cupcakes but does our quiet, near, indoor adventure mean any less simply because it wasn’t undertaken beneath the grey sky and through the long, wet grass?

Perhaps my children will look back at winter Sundays — their mother curled cosily under her blanket, fingers poised motionless above the keyboard as she takes in a scene of familial merriment with a smile as broad as a river on her lips — and they will not be disappointed that we weren’t somewhere new and dangerous, but familiar and safe and warm. Together.

3 Responses to “Sunday Mothering”

  1. joanna says:

    Hi! It’s been a while and I have a lot of NS to catch up on. I have been under my own cozy blanket typing away like a mad woman getting my writing, new blog, and business going.

    I totally relate to this post. I would rather stay in and write and do indoor things any day. None of my family understand it either. While I am happy on and after a be-wellied ramble in the snowy woods, I am equally content with fingers on keys. I hope one day they will understand that I *need* to and should do what makes me happy. I already know it’s paying off a little… Little Lady told her teacher that she wants to be a writer, “like my mommy.”

    I’ll attempt to visit some more – I have missed your way with the word!


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