It’s raining, it’s pouring

NS December 1st, 2009

Things are a bit unsettled here at Casa del Savage. The Noble Child caught impetigo (from some crusty urchin who planted an infested kiss on her face, I presume) and so missed all of last week at preschool, resulting in levels of cabin fever and exasperation not seen since the summer holidays. Because her condition was contagious, we couldn’t even venture into a playgroup, the library or a cafe. It rained much of the week and TNB was also sprouting teeth like he’d been reincarnated as a shark. My days were spent holding a howling 3-year-old down to apply antibiotic cream, alternately cuddling and saying “What do you want?!” to an inconsolable 1-year-old and dealing with a raging case of PMS that saw me sustain a chocolate-related injury (I bent my index fingernail backwards while trying to break apart a large bar of Dairy Milk which had been in the fridge — it’s still black and blue).

On top of that, it was the end of the month, hence being broke and eating cheap meals and not being able to splurge on lovely lattes or a new book or anything like that. Usual end-of-month story. It was also Thanksgiving, which always finds me pretty homesick and missing my family, especially since it was the first major holiday since my grandfather died a couple months ago. The Noble Husband left work early and we took the kids to a restaurant for a (non-Thanksgivingy) meal and then I went to Jen’s on Saturday for a proper turkey fest, which was lovely, but it’s still hard not to miss family on such a family-oriented day.

On top of THAT (I’m almost finished bitching, I swear!), my laptop’s hard drive failed and I had to send it off to be repaired. It’s still under warranty so won’t cost me anything but I lost some data, namely the outline for my book. Thankfully I found about half of it on my Google Docs but the rest has vanished into the ether. Must. Start. Backing. Up. No more assuming it won’t happen again. If that wasn’t enough, TNB pulled my precious baby, my Canon Rebel Xsi, down from the bookshelf, where I’d placed it after trying to get some snaps of them in their Christmas pyjamas. It’s not totally demolished but something has been shaken loose internally and will require repair. It’s still under warranty as well but I bought it in the US, from an eBay store, so I’m not sure how sending it back for repair will work or if I’ll be able to get it back before Christmas. I’m guessing not. So that’s a downer.

The icing on this shit cake is that I’m also having some personal issues that need dealing with and that is preoccupying my thoughts. Add to this the fact that we haven’t done a scrap of Christmas shopping yet, TNC’s primary school admission application is due this Friday and I haven’t done it yet, and that I am working on some freelance articles, my book and am launching a new website and it’s easy to see why I have been and may continue to be quiet on the blogging front for a little while yet.

Now that you’re all up to date on what’s going wrong in my life, let me fill you in on what’s going right. This is the only thing making me smile sometimes these days. Behold, TNB’s “kiss face.”

kiss face

This is what he does when you say “Give mama/dada/your sister a kiss!” The way he puckers up, long before a lip or cheek is in reach, just cracks us up.  If either TNH or I are in a less-than-stellar mood we just ask for a kiss and let it make us laugh and melt our heart at the same time. I may start calling it Kiss Therapy.

Thank you, my darling boy, for reminding me that all the other stresses and mundane details in life don’t matter. Time with my family and kisses from my children? That’s all I need to see me through this rough patch.

10 Responses to “It’s raining, it’s pouring”

  1. Heather says:

    Gah, what a hiddious week. but oh such a cute kiss face. hope it all gets better for you soon.

  2. cartside says:

    So true. Keeping that in mind is hard at times and just the reminder I needed today.

  3. notSupermum says:

    Yes, that’s a rubbish week alright. But look at that lickle face…..he’s so cute!

  4. TheMadHouse says:

    Children have a habit of bringing things into perspective. I am sorry you are having a shit time of it. I can not make it any better, but am avalable to wallow with you in our own morose way, as I am having one too!!!

  5. andrea says:

    16 days and i’ll be there to – hopefully – give you a little r&r and some fun family time! hang in there and keep looking at that precious kiss face. whenever i’m having a bad day i look at pics of the kids and they always, always cheer me up. :)

  6. nicola says:

    Oh who could resist kissing that gorgeous little puckered face?! Sending hugs. xxx

  7. Iota says:

    A chocolate-related injury! That’s a new one on me.

  8. Anji says:

    Horrible week, beautiful baby. Things even out. ;)

  9. Folly says:

    I’d like to reassure you that you’re not alone, but I’m too busy feeling pleased that I’m not alone. Christmas is the time of year when one’s husband traditionally annoys one more. We should expect it. I too missed my child free days this week due to a disgusting viral childhood illness, hand foot and mouth disease. My youngest, Golden Boy, spent my child free days on the sofa instructing me to ‘Put slippers on ploor, mamma”, mine dwink bottle mamma, get it, more snack plate mamma… you get the picture. Commiserations, felicitations.