Google can solve your marriage problems

NS October 14th, 2009

Or at least that’s what some people think.

Go to Google and type in Why is my husband and see the list that it auto-suggests. Some of the good ones include:

…so mean to me

…such a jerk

…so moody

…so angry

…so grumpy

…so selfish

…so stupid

Type in Why is my wife and you get:

…so mean

…so unhappy

…always mad

…so stupid

…always tired

…so angry



…so cold

It looks like the sexes can at least agree on one thing — both men and women can be mean, stupid and angry. Probably because their spouses rely on internet search engines instead of face-to-face communication, is my guess.

Go on, ask Google something and let us know what you find!

H/t to The Noble Husband for spotting this

6 Responses to “Google can solve your marriage problems”

  1. Irene says:

    I have never tried this, because I don’t believe in the all knowingness of Google and go to other sources to find the answers to those kinds of questions. If I were completely bored out of my skull, I might give it a try, but for now, no thanks. Cute idea, though.

  2. Cave Mother says:

    Funny! Thanks for this.

  3. What was your husband asking Google about you when he stumbled on this? Haa haa…

    And better yet… did he get an answer?

  4. NS says:

    @The Feminist Breeder – That is exactly what I asked and I was highly doubtful when he told me that he’d only been Googling something for work and start to type “why is..” when he saw “my husband so mean” and decided to investigate further. I’m not sure I buy it, to be honest. Ho hum. I think he knows he won’t find any answers about me on Google but he can live in a delusional world if he wishes. ;-)

  5. Iota says:

    OK, just for you, I’ll give this a try.

    I typed in “Does my husband mind that I spend so much time blogging?” and the first result was on yahoo answers “Does my husband have feelings for her? Or am I just an awful person?” I didn’t bother to read the answer though.

  6. blues says:

    this is hilarious. Apparently husbands are mean to their wives but wives are mean to people in general.