Wordless Wednesday: Gendered clothing for the toddler set

NS September 16th, 2009

Clothing from Trendy Remedy, Zazzle and Mothercare.

14 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Gendered clothing for the toddler set”

  1. Sally says:

    Quite. I get a lot of Flea’s clothes online to avoid precisely this issue, although she gets a lot of comments from other kids along the lines of: “Why are you wearing that? That’s for boys.”

    I just got a great “Self-Rescuing Princess” t-shirt from Think Geek, and Baby Wit also has some excellent tops for little girls who don’t need indoctrination in the art of shopping or flirting.

  2. jen says:

    but what’s the point of having kids if you can’t project your stereotypes on them??!

  3. Iota says:

    I was so tempted to leave a comment saying “Aaaaw, soooo cute. Can I get all these online?” – but I’m a bit worried about your blood pressure.

  4. NS says:

    @jen – I know! I mean, I know I only wanted a girl so I could brush her hair and dress her up like a Barbie. And I consider it my motherly duty to reinforce my 1-year-old son’s masculinity by telling him how strong and cool he is and letting him know that even if he behaves abominably, it will be okay because he’s “just a boy” and that’s all I expect of him.

    @Iota – I know you wouldn’t do that to me. ;)

  5. This makes me sooooooooooooo cross – I want my daughter to be more than a ‘princess’ – have you seen the pink stinks campaign ? http://www.pinkstinks.co.uk/

    Its so hard finding clothes that aren’t split blue = boys, pink = girls – surely we’ve moved on from that by now ?

    btw is there a website for the self rescuing princess t-shirt ?

  6. andrea says:

    Vom. These are awful. Now that I’ve been an auntie for almost *two weeks*, it’s all I notice. I can’t buy anything for my strong wonderful niece, especially in these horrid little kiddie boutiques that have sprouted up all over the city.

  7. That’s why I love threadlesskids.com. Lots of irreverent, artsy things over there.

    These are all horrible.

    (Currently H is wearing an olive green Return of the Jedi shirt with Yoda and a light saber on it. I fully plan on any future little sisters to wear it, too.)

  8. anna says:

    i feel odd putting dd in slogan tshirts full stop. she has one that says “my dad’s a feminist” which always gets positive comments, but i feel a bit like i’m using her like a billboard…

  9. Potty Mummy says:

    Aaaaw, soooo cute. Can I get all these online?

    Oops – someone said that already… (My irony levels must be quite low this morning – I opened up your page and when I saw the pictures I actually thought ‘she’s got to be joking, right? NS flogging this crap?’ I clearly need more sleep…)

  10. BoozleBox says:

    I really, REALLY hate the children’s clothes offering on the High Street in the UK – it’s pretty bad all round. My only consolation is that I have boys – I do think girls clothes are generally more awful. Who seriously puts their daughter in a ‘Boy Crazy’ t-shirt?

    Although having said that, I’d quite like to get some cool atheist slogans on t-shirts for my boys? Anyone know where I can get some?

    Seriously though – would that make me just as bad?

  11. Sally says:

    The self-rescuing princess t-shirt is from thinkgeek.com.

    I also really like Flea’s “My parents are big gay liberals” t-shirt and her “I love my Single Mom” shirts, both from Baby Wit.

  12. Anyone remember the company that was selling push-up bras and thong underwear for 6 year olds? Blech.

    Another pet peeve of mine is military camo clothes for my boys. No thanks. There is enough cultural pressure to grow into a violent man.

  13. NS says:

    Thanks for the links to Pink Stinks and Threadless Kids, I’d heard of both but had never visited their sites.

    @Jake Aryeh Marcus – Ugh, I hate camo. Blech blech blech.