We don’t need no haters: A letter to Tesco

NS August 6th, 2009

Dear Nameless, Soulless, Tesco PR Executive,

As a Tesco customer who regularly uses your online shopping service, I was very disappointed to recently discover that you have begun handing out the Daily Mail with every order delivered to a customer’s home. I’m assuming you have some kind of partnership with them as I noticed that there are ‘spend and save’ vouchers for your store in some editions of said newspaper as well.

That you have chosen to align your business with such a racist, homophobic, xenophobic and misogynist publication as the Daily Mail speaks volumes about your ethics or, at the very least, your company’s willingness to trample its ethics for the sake of PR tactics. Either way, I find it distasteful and disgraceful. The kind of vitriol and fear-mongering spewed forth by this rag on a daily basis is something that British businesses such as Tesco should be actively discouraging, not supporting by running promotions in its hate-riddled pages.

As a woman and an (perfectly legal and legitimate) immigrant, I am insulted that you think I would want such rubbish in my home. Just yesterday, along with my produce and tinned goods, I learned from its front page that the Daily Mail thinks teaching children about domestic violence is “silly” and a “waste.” The fact that 1 in 4 British women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime means that stories such as these, while perhaps merely sensationalist and annoying to some, are indeed very harmful as they contribute to a culture that places little value on the experiences and rights of those who were not lucky enough to be born male, white, straight and middle class in an English-speaking Western society.

Please can you clarify what the relationship is between Tesco and the Daily Mail and explain why you feel it appropriate to inundate your customers with irresponsible and utterly biased “journalism?”


Noble Savage

13 Responses to “We don’t need no haters: A letter to Tesco”

  1. mothership says:

    You tell ‘em, Sister.
    One of the many things I do not miss about the UK is the Daily Mail, and although I thought I missed Tesco, perhaps I don’t

  2. Interesting move by Tesco. I would have thought it was a false positive, surely there are more people with this view than actually those that buy The Mail? At least I hope so.

  3. jen says:

    i’ve come to the conclusion that Tesco is pretty much nearly as evil as WalMart, and been boycotting them for a while.

    now if I could only get J to follow suit.

  4. Mon says:

    ooh, that would have pissed me off as well. I would have mailed the newspaper to the DM HQ. Strange choice by Tesco. I stopped shopping there a while before leaving England. They became too big in my eyes and started treating their workers poorly. I tried to support small businesses as much as possible. But darn it, online shopping is so cool.

  5. leahmouse says:

    Same happened to me. Found it in the kitchen as driver was leaving. My partner dashed out and handed it back to the driver. “But it’s free!” “But I don’t want it in my house.” Changed online shopping provider. Simples.

  6. monkey girl says:

    Hey NS
    GREAT letter.
    Would love to hear what kind of response (if any) you get from them.
    Let me know

  7. Potty Mummy says:

    Did you get a reply? I would love to read it…

  8. NS says:

    I haven’t even sent the actual letter off yet, unfortunately! I need to ring Tesco and get the name of the PR exec I want to send it to but keep missing their opening hours. Will do that tomorrow and then get it in the post. I’ll let you know if I get a reply!

  9. emms says:

    LOL…I thankfully have missed this delight! Suggest they use the Big Issue or somesuch more useful rag :O

  10. A Free Man says:

    Hey it could be worse. They could be sending you the Sun.

  11. Cave Mother says:

    Enjoyed the letter. @A Free Man, I think I’d actually enjoy The Sun more, at least I could have a good laugh at it.

  12. clareybabble says:

    I collect clubcard points for our holidays but find it so hard when they are so crap!!! We have had to complain about their online service on several occasions.
    I love your blog, so honest x

  13. nixdminx says:

    I love this – the Daily Mail never ceases to infuriate me – it spoon feeds middle England as I suppose does Tesco. We also have free deliveries of the beleaguered Evening Standard – the same publishing house – which I intercept on the doorstep and give back to the delivery boy. You might like this blog which features complaints to Tesco http://www.tesco-complaint.blogspot.com/