A day in the life

NS February 24th, 2009

7am – Children awake; feed baby

7.15 – Toilet, dress and change both children’s nappies

7.30 – Head downstairs. Let cat out. Pour cereal and make coffee. Get TNB settled on blanket with a toy

7.45 – Eat cereal and drink coffee. Supervise TNC while she eats breakfast and flits between playing and watching CBeebies. Flip through paper. Get on computer to check email/Facebook/blog/Twitter/forums. Bounce baby on knee while finishing coffee

8.45 – Clear breakfast dishes. Take rubbish and recycling out. Let cat back in. Put load of laundry in (all while holding TNB)

9.00 – Herd children upstairs. Put TNB in bouncy seat and TNC in front of the computer. Make beds and tidy up. Take TNB into bathroom with me while I give it a quick clean. Shower and get ready, checking on TNC every five minutes

9.30 – Change both children’s nappies and get them dressed. Run blowdryer over wet hair. Make to-do list for the week. Send a couple texts. Fold and put away clean clothes

10.15 – Sit TNC down with a stack of books and toys in her room. Feed the baby on my bed while reading a parenting book with my free hand

10.30 – Take TNC downstairs for a snack and some one-on-one time. Eat peanut butter toast and have another cup of coffee. Read two books in extraordinarily silly voices. Play grocery store, ‘guess what animal I am’ and ballerinas.

11.30 – Baby wakes up from his nap. Put him in sling and get TNC’s jacket and shoes on. Go kick ball in garden. Hang a bird feeder. Grab the gardening shears and do a bit of pruning and weeding (of what little I can get to with TNB attached to me)

12.15 – Inside to make lunch. Eat while holding TNB

1.00 – Get TNC down for her nap. Clear lunch dishes and then spend some time playing with the babe

1.30 – Feed TNB and get computer set up for work

1.45 – Start work. TNB decides he doesn’t want to play alone, sleep or be fed so spend time jiggling, cooing and singing to him while working with one hand. After a half hour of fruitless attempts to settle him, plop him in front of Baby Einstein dvd. Crack on with work

3.00 – Finish work; browse internet

3.15 – TNC awake. Remember that we’re supposed to be at a playdate at 4pm so race around to get ready. Decide to walk instead of drive for a bit of fresh air and exercise. Get TNB in sling and TNC in pushchair

3.45 – Leave house and ring to say we’ll be a bit late. Stop to withdraw cash and buy flowers and walk rest of the way, which was much further than previously thought

4.15 – Arrive for visit/playdate. Chat with lovely new friend and kids play together beautifully. Lovely new friend serves homemade, authentic Indian chappati and dosa — yum!

6.15 – Head home, stopping at grocery store on the way back

7.00 – Arrive home absolutely exhausted from pushing 35lb toddler and 14lb baby plus pushchair and groceries uphill. Put food away, feed cat and hang up wet washing

7.30 – Sit down on sofa, still exhausted. Manage to Tweet about said exhaustion

7.40 – The Noble Husband home from work; kiss hello. Take baby upstairs to change and put to bed

8.15 – Sneak away from bedroom after getting him to sleep (and almost falling asleep myself!). Chat to TNH about our respective days. Tidy living room. Grab a beer from the fridge. Check email

9.00 – Dinner put in front of me. TNC carried to bed after falling asleep on sofa

9.45 – Attempt to finish attaching new buggy board to pram and realise a piece of the connector has fallen off somewhere when I was out and about. Buggershitdamn!

10.00 – Do the washing up. Make a cup of tea

10.30 – Drink tea, finish this post, kiss my husband goodnight and then go to bed soon after

Tomorrow – Get up and do it all over again

10 Responses to “A day in the life”

  1. Wow, what a list. Makes you realise what a job being mummy really is…

  2. It’s only vaguely related but I thought you might like the tale of the nappy cannon:

  3. Charlotte says:

    God Almighty, it makes me feel tired just reading it. Not long ago, my life was EXACTLY like this. But they grow up, and learn to do things for themselves, and suddenly it is all much, much easier.

    It strikes me, reading this, that child-care (even of one’s own) really should be a paid job, because this is LABOUR.

  4. Strawberry says:

    Wow, you sound so ORGANISED!!!!!! My day is much the same (as you know), but all my bullet points would read as:
    - Chaos
    - Chaos continues
    - Chaos intensifies
    - Chaos involves food (or poo or yelling or mess or water all over the floor)
    - Nap
    - Chaos returns…


  5. Tabitha says:

    Are you sure you don’t earn a salary for all that? No? Then what a damn shame!

  6. Oh boy I am so relieved those days are behind me!
    Now my youngest is 3 things are so much easier.
    Actually easier is the wrong work . . . she’s still hard work!

  7. Courtney says:

    and I jokingly complian about needing hired help…

  8. NS says:

    @A Modern Mother – It does, when you look at it laid out before you like this!

    @The Brinkster – That is related (even vaguely) HOW?! Funny story though

    @Charlotte – I know, sometimes it does suck to know that somewhere out there a nanny is getting paid a pretty decent wage to do exactly this but I get diddly squat. I know, I know, I decided to have children so it’s my own fault but DAMN sometimes it’s demoralising to do so much for no pay.

    @Strawberry – This was a particularly good and organised day for us. I’ll be sure to post the contents of my day the next time we have a bad one, to give some balance. I don’t want anyone thinking this is how things roll every day at Chez Savage!

    @Tabitha – *checking bank account for funds to appear* Nope, still nothing. Just the satisfaction of spending time with my darlings. :)

    @Tara – Just rub it in, why don’t you? ;)

    @Courtney – Hey, we could ALL use a wife. Even us wives.

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  10. Babychaos says:

    I hear you… and I only have one!