I got nothin’

NS November 26th, 2008

Day 26 of NaBloPoMo and for the first time, I almost went to bed without writing something. I have some very important career-related things to do tomorrow morning and have to be up super early so I’m not about to dig around in my brain for something interesting. Instead, I will link to a few blog posts that have elicited a higher level of emotion than usual, be it laughter, sadness or anger. Enjoy!

This is an old post at Dooce that I came across in the archives and that I thought was amazing. It describes postnatal depression so well. I didn’t have anywhere near the level of depression that Heather did but I certainly had my dark days when The Noble Child was a baby so I can totally relate to this. Thank god I haven’t experienced any this time around.

An article on women drivers, posted at Hoyden About Town, just annoyed me.

And finally, a recent offering from Indexed amused me greatly.

Good night!

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